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PBS FRONTLINE documentary, ”Secrets of the SAT” (aired October 5, 1999).
CBS EARLY SHOW feature: “Kids and the SAT” (aired May 2, 2002)
PBS Frontline documentary: "Secrets of the SAT" and CBS Early News feature: "Kids and the SAT"  
COX CABLE feature: “The New SAT Test“ (aired May, 2005)
LOS ANGELES TIMES half-page feature in the Metro section: “Scoring SAT Tutors” (published Oct. 12, 1998)  
OC WEEKLY, October 26 – November 5, 1998, “Orange County’s Scariest People.”
PBS FRONTLINE documentary ”Secrets of the SAT” (aired October 5, 1999). Read an interview with Lisa Muehle.   
LOS ANGELES TIMES feature: “SAT Courses on Upswing” (published October 20, 1999)
USA TODAY editorial: “Growth in SAT Coaching Casts Doubt on Test’s Value (published July 11, 2000)
USA TODAY editorial response: “Academic Training is Time Well Spent (published August 1, 2000)
CBS EARLY SHOW report: Cambridge SAT Colloquium Program Receives National Attention in CBS News Report on SAT Test preparation (published May 2002)
LAGUNA BEACH COASTLINE PILOT feature: “Laguna Test Firm Hits Small Screen” (published May 3, 2002)
ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER front-page feature article: “For SAT, Even Young Teens Know the Score” (published January 31, 2004)